TP Mechanical’s Culture of Safety: A Fit for Cabot Corporation Project in Carrolton

TP Mechanical’s culture of safety made our team the ideal choice when Cabot Corporation – a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals and performance materials – sought a plumbing and HVAC contractor for its new administration building in Carrolton, Kentucky.

When Cabot announced a call for bids for plumbing and HVAC work on its new administration building – which will feature executive offices, an employee breakroom and equipment storage space – the bar for safety was set high. “We always preach safety first with our teams, so it becomes second nature for us,” says Jeff Keller, TP’s project manager for this job. “It wasn’t hard for us to meet Cabot’s expectations, because we’re already safety-oriented.”

Cabot’s stringent safety requirements for the project included full-time use of safety glasses, hardhats and reflective vests on the building site; implementation of belt tethers for all tools; and mandatory lift-certifications and power-tool certifications for workers, among other criteria. Led by TP Mechanical’s Jeff Keller as well as superintendent Tyler Tremain and safety manager Brittany Knue, TP’s team was awarded the bid in part because we were the only bidder able to meet all of Cabot’s stringent safety requirements.

Once on the job, the safety of our work was overseen at all times not just by TP’s own management teams but also representatives of Jacobs Engineering Group, the owner representative, and Turnbull-Wahlert Construction, Inc., the project’s general contractor.

With that many eyes on safety, TP rose to the occasion to meet standards not often seen on jobs of this size. “Tyler got the necessary tools in place and came in prepared,” says Keller. “We knew there had been other trade groups onsite before us that were unsuccessful. We knew there would be no second chances on this project.”

If your company has an upcoming construction or installation project where safety is a top priority, call a member of our team to be matched with a safety-focused mechanical partner.

Rick Absher

Director of Safety


Jamie Absher

Safety Manager – Cincinnati / Dayton


Brittany Knue

Safety Specialist – Lexington


Ben Smith

Safety Specialist – Columbus


Bob Campbell

Safety Specialist – Cincinnati



A Culture of Safety

At TP Mechanical, safety is paramount and a fundamental part of our company culture. Since 2000, we have received 92 safety awards and have a current EMR rating of .79 which is well below the national average. When it comes to safety and OSHA ratings, we are in the top one percent of any comparable contractor in the U.S.

Our safety culture starts with our CEO Bill Riddle and spans amongst every single employee. “Everyone goes through orientation and goes through a preview of what safety means,” said Jamie Absher, Safety Manager for TP Mechanical. The importance of safety isn’t just something the top executives hand down—the culture of safety is contagious, and employees know the CEO has their back when it comes to working in a safe environment. If something isn’t working, safety-wise, the entire team brainstorms ways to improve the process.

The company recently launched a “Why Safety Matters to Me” program and asked employees to contribute. Overwhelmingly, the answer to that question came back to getting home safely to family. A five-member team, including Jamie, Rick Absher, Corporate Safety Director for TP Mechanical, and three safety specialists (Ben Smith in Columbus, Brittany Knue in Kentucky and Bob Campbell in Dayton) helps keep TP Mechanical on track for high safety ratings and most importantly, helps team members return home safely each night to their families.

Another way TP Mechanical ensures company-wide safety is by going above and beyond OSHA requirements. “We’re always looking for the constant improvement and wanting to be proactive,” said Jamie.  The team asks questions, such as, “What can we do to ensure our people aren’t getting hurt?” and “What can we do as a team?”

TP Mechanical provides field training with any new policy or product so every member of our team understands its importance and impact on safety. It helps foster a company culture where everyone has a voice and ideas are heard and respected. “Employees may find a better tool or improve a work process,” said Jamie.  “We look at the employees and their specialty to make it safer in their expertise. Our goal, DAILY, no matter what, is for everyone to go home whole. You can’t put a dollar or schedule above that.”