Preventative Maintenance Can Reduce Facility Costs for Building Owners

Has your business been impacted by costly repairs or replacements for equipment in your facilities? Has your company’s productivity suffered from equipment down-time?

These are costs that can be reduced and issues that can be avoided by investing in a preventative maintenance plan.

As tightening budgets and “doing-more-with-less” mantras have become the norm for businesses around the globe, the maintenance of a facility’s mechanical systems is often placed on the back-burner. However, that is precisely the type of decision-making that can cost building owners more money long term.

“TP believes in doing the right maintenance at the right time, based on how the customer owns and operates their building. This will allow the customer to better manage and control their day,” says Jamie Johnston, Sales Manager at TP Mechanical.

At TP Mechanical, we take your investment in your facilities seriously. We understand that a disruption in your mechanical systems has the potential to disrupt your operations, and our team has the experience, expertise and resources to keep your facility functioning at peak efficiency.

Our service agreements are customized to keep your equipment running efficiently and overcome potential issues before they become emergencies. We also take the time to plan and strategize for future unit replacements, so you are not hit with unexpected costs or lost time due to mechanical failure. This attention to detail provides our partners a higher return on their investment and yields a high rate of customer satisfaction.

How often should maintenance be conducted on ice machines?

Did you know that you should service your ice machine every 6 months? Watch this short news clip from Lex18 to find out why.

To learn more how TP Mechanical can help with routine maintenance for your ice machine visit our Service page or contact us at 800-829-1989.

The Numbers You Need to Know (24.7.365)

You never expect to have a mechanical breakdown. But when it does happen, TP Mechanical has you covered. Our emergency service teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

If you have a leaky sprinkler, we’re there for you. If you have an air conditioner on the blink, we’re there for you. Any time you have a disruption in your mechanical systems, our experienced technicians can handle your equipment outage.

TP Mechanical Service places a priority on training for our team members. Our skilled technicians continue to develop their knowledge through continuing education programs to stay up to date on the latest diagnostic techniques and products. We promise you that our technicians are prepared to give you the answers you need accurately and efficiently.

One more number you should know: 4

That’s our guaranteed response time. When you select TP Mechanical as your service partner, our team is able to respond to your emergencies within 4 hours to troubleshoot and repair any problem.

The last numbers you should know: 800-829-1989

We hope you never have to dial this number. But don’t hesitate to call those 10 digits for any service need – not just emergencies. We understand the investment you’ve made in your facilities and how an outage can affect your operations.

TP Mechanical offers a variety of service agreement options including:

  • Service Agreements (SA)
  • Inspection Agreements (IA)
  • Maintenance Agreements (MA)
  • Total Agreements (TA)
  • Custom Agreements (CA)

To learn more about TP Mechanical’s specific agreements and which might be right for your business needs, visit our Agreements page.


Is allergy season wreaking havoc on your work force? 

The dreaded Allergy Season has arrived. Are you and your employees suffering from incessant sneezing, coughing and wheezing? Have you noticed a reduction in productivity due to sick days caused by secondary infections and fuzzy allergy-medicine-soaked brains?

Believe it or not, the air contaminants that cause allergies to flare are actually more prevalent indoors. It’s a common misconception that outside air is the culprit. In fact, the constant recirculation of inside air within a building causes microns and chemicals to build up and makes it difficult for the filtration system to keep the air clean. Studies suggest that 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted air – and have shown that air is 70% more polluted inside a building than outside.

Air trapped in a building and re-circulated is loaded with…

  • exhaust emissions that make their way into the building from surrounding traffic
  • fumes from common cleaners, paint on the walls or even your office furniture
  • dirt, dust and mites
  • mold spores from damp air

Even clean air that is overly dry can cause noses to bleed, sore throats and burning eyes.

Fidelity Howe Bldg. 021 in ColorThe key is to control indoor air quality, and TP Mechanical’s service team is well-versed in clean air methodology. As part of our preventative maintenance checklist, our team will prepare your system to keep your indoor air quality consistent and educate you about you how to maintain it in between check-ups.

We don’t keep secrets, so here’s the short list of our go-to methods:

  • It’s important to constantly flush the building with outdoor air. We recommend putting an economizer in place if your system doesn’t already have one. An economizer pulls in outdoor air on a regular basis and also controls the humidity of the building.
  • Not just any filter will do. We’ll teach you about MERV ratings on filters and the type of filter you need for your system to trap the most microbes most efficiently.
  • Monitor the chemicals used to clean your building, right down to what’s used to wipe off your desks and clean your carpets. We can recommend cleaners that are environmentally friendly and promote the best indoor air quality.

For more information, give our service team a call!  800/829-1989

Got allergies? The TP Mechanical Service Team can help.

Allergy medicine isn’t the only remedy to help you survive the coughing, sneezing and wheezing.

Tame the dreaded allergy season by controlling the indoor air quality of your building. It’s a common misconception that the air contaminants that cause allergy symptoms to flare up are found outdoors. The fact is the majority of the culprits are found inside.

Many people believe the pollens floating around outside, especially during the springtime months, are the problem. So they lock their windows and turn their HVAC dials to “recirculate” to minimize the introduction of outside air. Unfortunately, this is the worst thing they can do. The constant recirculation of air within a building causes microbes and chemicals to accumulate in the filtration system and makes it difficult to purify the air over time.

Studies suggest that 50% of illnesses are caused by polluted air – and have shown that air is 70% more polluted inside a building than outside. According to the American Lung Association, air ducts have more germs than a chicken coop.

Here’s what’s really making your allergies go nuts:

  • Exhaust emissions that make their way inside a building from surrounding traffic
  • Fumes from common cleaners, paint on the walls and even your office furniture
  • Dirt, dust and mites
  • Mold spores from damp air

Even clean air that’s overly dry can cause noses to bleed, sore throats and burning eyes.

The TP Mechanical Service Team has extensive knowledge of the most effective methods of creating comfortable, clean indoor climates that keep allergy symptoms at bay. As part of our preventative maintenance checklist, our team will clean and prepare your HVAC system to enhance the indoor air quality of your building. Give us a call and get us on your schedule.

In the interim, here’s what you can do now to get a jump on the season:

  • Constantly flush the building with outside air. We recommend using an economizer. The device pulls outdoor air into the building on a consistent schedule and also controls the humidity levels. You don’t want air that’s too damp or too dry. If your system doesn’t have one, we’ll help you put one in place.
  • Change your filters consistently and often. Be aware of the MERV rating of the filters your building requires. We can tell you what kind you need if you aren’t sure.
  • Monitor the chemicals used to clean your building. Use only environmentally and allergy-friendly products and check everything from carpet cleaners to what’s used to wipe down your desks. We can recommend products that help support indoor air quality.
  • Call our service team to assess your system and give you more specific advice as it pertains to your building’s system. Or sign up for an assessment today.

Allergy season is brutal. TP Mechanical will help you keep indoor air contaminants at bay so you can breathe a little easier this season.

At Your Service

If your mechanical equipment is outdated, you may be draining valuable resources. How can you avoid costly repairs and wasteful spending on inefficient equipment?

 DSC_0137Ask your

TP Mechanical

Service Team

to perform an

Energy Cost Analysis


What is an Energy Cost Analysis?

It’s an evaluation of your existing HVAC/R equipment. We’ll coordinate with the manufacturer of your systems to assess the age and efficiency of your current units and run a cost-comparison based on your utility expenses to see how they  measure up to newer models. We’ll compile data that compares your current operations and repairs to the cost of replacement and forecast your projected ROI over time.

When should I consider requesting one?

If your equipment is 10 years old or older, if your utility expenses are on the rise, or if you are facing costly repairs, it’s time to evaluate your systems to find efficiencies.

How much will it cost?

For current TP Mechanical Service & Maintenance customers, it’s free. For new customers, we’ll base our rate on the scope of the work involved and provide this service at an affordable rate.

What are the benefits? 

One recent TP Mechanical customer achieved a 50% savings in utility costs when our service department performed the analysis. We were conducting a routine maintenance visit and added the analysis, which resulted in a recommendation for a boiler system upgrade. The benefits vary from client to client, but upgrading when appropriate can lead to significant cost savings.


To take advantage of this valuable service,

 call our Service Department




Safety Matters!

As participants in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) we’ve implemented meticulous safety and health management practices that address hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, training, management commitment and worker involvement. We voluntarily submit to rigorous evaluations to identify ways that we can continue to improve our system. Our first core value is “Safety First, Always First,” and we will relentlessly pursue the highest standard so that we can send each of our employees home to their families every night, injury-free.

This is why as of today April 19, 2013 TP Mechanical has worked 2,329,627 hours without a lost-time accident.


Energy Audits | TP Mechanical

In our 54 years in this industry, we’ve learned that any system 10 years or older should be evaluated for replacement in order to avoid costly emergency repair and unplanned replacement expenses down the road. Additionally, higher efficiency equipment yields significant savings in energy and operation costs when compared to older, inefficient models.

Invest in a TP Mechanical Energy Audit to evaluate your present utility costs and identify how you can reduce your overall operating expenses. Our team can make recommendations for alternatives and facilitate systematic replacements over time to keep your operation running smoothly while keeping you in the green.

To learn more about our Service Division click via Energy Audits | TP Mechanical.

Is Saving Money on Your List of Resolutions for 2013?

In these first few weeks of 2013, is money on your mind?

Taxes, the fiscal cliff, the state of our economy – across the board, businesses and corporations large and small are working to tighten budgets, cut extraneous costs and maximize efficiency to keep that bottom line where it should be.

So it seems that a discussion of how TP Mechanical can help our customers save money and make the most of every dollar would be the perfect topic to kick off the New Year.

Mechanical systems claim a large portion of operating expenses. It has been estimated that HVAC alone comprises approximately 40-60% of a facility’s energy costs. Just one minor loss in a system’s efficiency can translate into major increases in energy expenditures over time. When a system malfunctions or fails, disruption, repair and equipment replacement can become costly.

Properly tuned equipment runs efficiently and is a key component to keeping operating costs down. We understand that when it comes to routine maintenance, service and repair, keeping your systems running smoothly can be time consuming and expensive.

The TP Mechanical Total Systems Agreement is one example of our commitment to serving customers with excellent service and one solution to helping our clients cut costs. We’ll partner with you to create a customized plan unique to your facility and specific equipment needs. With this type of plan, we bundle relevant regularly scheduled preventative maintenance together with repair and scheduled replacement services into one convenient package that will:

  • keep your system running at peak efficiency
  • uncover symptoms of potential malfunctions before they occur
  • reduce repair and replacement costs today and over time
  • extend the life of your equipment
  • increase your energy savings
  • minimize time spent managing your mechanical systems so you can focus your attention elsewhere

It’s the perfect time to consider building a Total Agreement Plan into your annual budget. When you build essential system maintenance costs right into your annual expense forecasting, you can proactively address problems before they arise, better predict and manage costly repairs and replacements, and ultimately gain a sense of control over your mechanical systems budget. Consider incorporating our energy audit and inspection services into your customized plan to optimize your system’s productivity.

In addition to the reduced costs associated with our bundled services, our Total Plan Agreement clients receive agreement benefits, such as a guaranteed emergency response time of four hours, a $10/hour labor discount and 15% off parts and materials.

Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to operating a business, and when you trust your mechanical systems to TP Mechanical, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. We do our best to partner with our clients and support them any way we can – and that includes helping them stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.