Safety Matters!

As participants in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) we’ve implemented meticulous safety and health management practices that address hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis, training, management commitment and worker involvement. We voluntarily submit to rigorous evaluations to identify ways that we can continue to improve our system. Our first core value is “Safety First, Always First,” and we will relentlessly pursue the highest standard so that we can send each of our employees home to their families every night, injury-free.

This is why as of today April 19, 2013 TP Mechanical has worked 2,329,627 hours without a lost-time accident.


Energy Audits | TP Mechanical

In our 54 years in this industry, we’ve learned that any system 10 years or older should be evaluated for replacement in order to avoid costly emergency repair and unplanned replacement expenses down the road. Additionally, higher efficiency equipment yields significant savings in energy and operation costs when compared to older, inefficient models.

Invest in a TP Mechanical Energy Audit to evaluate your present utility costs and identify how you can reduce your overall operating expenses. Our team can make recommendations for alternatives and facilitate systematic replacements over time to keep your operation running smoothly while keeping you in the green.

To learn more about our Service Division click via Energy Audits | TP Mechanical.

Safety is a team effort

bigstock-Safety-First-Vector-7506065Superintendents can’t be everywhere at once. That’s why TP Mechanical works tirelessly to empower our employees to protect themselves and each other.

Safety is a team effort

One of the most effective strategies contributing to our safety success is our Job Safety Analysis (JSA) procedure. Recent reports indicate that 76% of injuries on the job are caused by inattention and complacency of workers on the site. The JSA is a critical tool in combatting inattention.

The TP Safety Department, in conjunction with Superintendent and Project Management, helped create a streamlined, user-friendly JSA document to help save superintendents valuable time. Together with intensive employee education and open lines of communication between team leader and team member, our JSA procedure is swift, thorough and effective.

The conditions on any given job site are constantly changing, requiring relentless vigilance on the part of every man and woman present. It’s our belief that the responsibility for safety rests with every team member in the field.

Heightened environmental awareness means workers take the appropriate precautions to keep their areas hazard-free. TP Mechanical trains all employees on every aspect of jobsite safety, while emphasizing the fine points of their specific trades or assignments. When TP Mechanical is on the job, the workers know their areas as thoroughly as their supervisors, allowing them to take ownership of their protection.

Before daily work begins, superintendents walk the job site, reviewing a checklist specific to every trade or specialty present. They then meet with team members in every area to discuss the hazards and safety procedures related to the work they will do that day. Workers are asked to communicate any issues they have identified. This back-and-forth communication ensures that every individual is on the same page and working to eliminate potential hazards before they can become accidents. Last but not least, every team member in a designated work area must sign the JSA at the beginning and end of every work session.

The TP Mechanical commitment to safety begins with the belief, dedication and unwavering support of upper management and the true abilities of all TP employees to embrace our company’s first core value of “Safety First, Always First.” With a strong belief in this, all TP employees exemplify how safety should be conducted throughout the industry. The ongoing evaluations and feedback provided by TP employees allows our company to be a front runner in safety.

TP Mechanical hours worked without a lost-time accident are..

TPM-SafetyFirstAlways2_1-30-13As of April 5, 2013 our employees have worked 2,301,885 hours without a lost-time accident.  Congratulations for your continued success for upholding our first core value Safety First, Always First!

Where’s the Fire?

When your fire alarm goes off, can you rest easy knowing that you have the proper precautions in place for your building or facility?

When lives and valuable property are at stake, you don’t want to be searching your memory for when you completed your last fire protection system inspection. You don’t want to question your maintenance and equipment decisions.

We all know the chances of a fire blooming somewhere in your building are very small. It’s not something businesses like to think about or invest money in. But the risk is ever-present.

We understand these realities. You value your people, your facility and you do all you can to protect the lives in your care. But implementing and maintaining fire protection systems requires time and money.

TP Mechanical can help. We pride ourselves in finding the most progressive, cost-effective solutions for our clients. That means the solutions are compliant and fit within budget constraints. We leverage our skilled fire protection team, in-house fabrication capabilities, value engineering design expertise and extensive knowledge of the latest products to provide customized systems and services for our clients. Plus, we know how to get the job done swiftly while minimizing expense and interruption.

To give you a sample of the types of solutions we offer, here are two products we’re excited about right now because they are innovative and cost-effective:

  • Flex Drops are a product that allows us to make fire protection aesthetically appealing in high-end facilities where beauty is essential. They offer flexible connectors that can be centered in the middle of ceiling tiles. Because it lends itself well to prefabrication, this product also minimizes installation time and labor costs.
  • Attic Heads are sprinkler heads that cover a much larger radius than other products on the market right now. We’ve found these to cut costs associated with material and labor by up to 30%.

Our TP Mechanical fire protection team doesn’t refer to their occupation as “Fire Protection.” They call it “Life Safety.” That right there tells you the TP Mechanical difference. To us, it’s not just a job. Compliance for our clients is important, but it’s not the top priority. Protecting your people and property – for us, it’s a calling and a way of life.

We hope you never hear the alarms sound in your facility. But if you do, we want you to have the confidence that you’ve done the best you can to minimize damage and prevent injuries. Give us a call today at 1-800-829-1989.