Lead Water Poisoning

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Although lead-based paint and dust in older buildings are the most common sources of lead poisoning, drinking water is sometimes a source as well. This is mostly due to old, corroded pipes.

High levels of lead in the bloodstream can cause serious health effects, especially in children under the age of 6. Symptoms of lead poisoning in children include developmental delay, learning difficulties, irritability, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation and hearing loss.

Since you can’t see, smell or taste lead in water, the only way to detect it is to have the water tested. If your home is served by public water systems, your local water authority should be able to provide this information. You can also use an at-home lead-testing kit.

If your tap water’s lead levels exceed 15 ppb, you can possibly reduce the threat of lead poisoning by doing the following:

  • Run cold water for at least a minute before using or drinking it.
  • Do not use hot tap water for drinking and cooking, since hot water draws lead from the corroded pipes. Instead, use cold tap water and heat it on the stove.
  • Invest in a home water filtration system that reduces the amount of lead in your water.
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Truven Health 15 Top Health Systems list includes OhioHealth, TriHealth, Mercy Health – Columbus – Business First

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Celebrating 60 Years!

TPM-325_60thAnniversaryLogo_FinalArt_Large_HighRes_TransparentBackground_RGB_3-22-13In 1953, our founder started a small plumbing business – William J. Teepe, Inc.

In 60 years, we’ve grown. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we plan to take a few moments to remember our history.

Nathan “Denny” Dennison used to help with the books and office work for the company. He still remembers running across the company’s first invoice – for $14.47. In those early days, Bill did most of the work himself, carrying a bucket of tools and taking a lot of work installing water heaters and fixtures ordered through the Sears catalog.

“Then, all of a sudden, we got a couple of bigger jobs and things just took off,” he remembers.

Today, with offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington and Louisville, this second generation company employs more than 350 people and tackles some of the most complex HVAC/R, plumbing and mechanical projects in the region. Known for its expertise in prefabrication and value engineering, TP Mechanical serves a wide variety of industries – medical, hospitality, education and government.

In each newsletter in this celebration year, we’ll share history and memories from the company. Be sure to check out the next issue to learn how TP Mechanical grew out of its early days into an important business in Greater Cincinnati.