3 New Dorms for University of Kentucky

TP Mechanical is excited to be a member of the construction team hired to help in the expansion and growth at University of Kentucky.

UK DORMS_DSC_5927University of Kentucky moves forward with 3 more dorms holding 1,610 beds

By Linda B. Blackford — lblackford@herald-leader.com

A committee of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees approved the next phase of new dorm construction on campus Tuesday, allowing UK to move forward with three new dorms at the old Cooperstown complex near W.T. Young Library.

Approval by the full board of trustees is expected later Tuesday afternoon.

The project is the third phase of UK’s partnership with a private developer, Education Realty Trust. In this next phase, Education Realty Trust will put up $101.2 million in equity for the construction of 1,610 student beds, several classrooms and study spaces.

The board already has approved seven other new residence halls with 4,592 beds, bringing the total cost of the partnership to $264 million.

The first new dorms, Central I and II, will open this fall near W.T. Young Library. Five dorms will be built at the old Cooperstown complex, now known as Woodland Glen. The school also is building two new dorms next to Memorial Coliseum on Euclid Avenue, and it will build a new dorm on the site of the old Haggin Hall.

UK is signing long-term leases with Education Realty Trust, which will operate and maintain the buildings for 75 years. The rental rates will be the same as UK’s “premium” dorm rates, between $3,000 and $4,000 a semester.

The finance committee also approved the purchase of the Lexington Theological Seminary’s 7.1-acre campus for $13.5 million. Located on South Limestone across from the main UK campus, the complex will be used as overflow space for UK.

Eric Monday, vice president for finance and administration, said the property had four appraisals, ranging from $11 million to $16 million.

“This is a very opportunistic purchase for the University of Kentucky,” finance committee chairman James Stuckert said.

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Celebrating 60 Years!

TPM-325_60thAnniversaryLogo_FinalArt_Large_HighRes_TransparentBackground_RGB_3-22-13In 1953, our founder started a small plumbing business – William J. Teepe, Inc.

In 60 years, we’ve grown. As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we plan to take a few moments to remember our history.

Nathan “Denny” Dennison used to help with the books and office work for the company. He still remembers running across the company’s first invoice – for $14.47. In those early days, Bill did most of the work himself, carrying a bucket of tools and taking a lot of work installing water heaters and fixtures ordered through the Sears catalog.

“Then, all of a sudden, we got a couple of bigger jobs and things just took off,” he remembers.

Today, with offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington and Louisville, this second generation company employs more than 350 people and tackles some of the most complex HVAC/R, plumbing and mechanical projects in the region. Known for its expertise in prefabrication and value engineering, TP Mechanical serves a wide variety of industries – medical, hospitality, education and government.

In each newsletter in this celebration year, we’ll share history and memories from the company. Be sure to check out the next issue to learn how TP Mechanical grew out of its early days into an important business in Greater Cincinnati.

Follow the Arrows | Flow Direction

As you go about fulfilling your daily job responsibilities, it can be easy to fall prey to a sense of routine causing you to lose your focus and attention to detail.  This can happen to the most experienced employee or the new guy on the block.  Our workforce has installed miles of pipe and thousands upon thousands of piping specialties and devices.   However, through many of our client’s eyes, our company is only as good as the last project we completed or the current project we are performing for them.

Losing that focus and attention to details results in the cost of troubleshooting and rework to correct a problem.  This impacts not only the bottom line for the profitability of that project but can also cost us long-term by damaging relationships with owners, end-users, general contractors, architects, engineers, etc.

flow1For example, even though it seems like a pretty simple concept, piping specialties and devices get installed backwards more often than most would think.  First and foremost, it is important to understand the flow of the system.  If unsure of the correct system flow, check the drawings or check with the superintendent. flow2

Check valves, strainers, balance valves, control valves, etc. generally have the required flow direction indicated on them.  For example, while some strainers and balance valves look the same, the required flow through them is opposite.  If the installer is not paying close attention, the valve can get installed in what would appear to be the correct orientation, but once you look at the flow designation on the valve, it clearly indicates the opposite flow direction.

flow3The cost of troubleshooting and rework to correct the problem could be easily avoided by simply following the arrows.  If direction of flow can’t be found, or is not indicated on the device, you can refer to the submittal for installation details.  And again, it never hurts to ask, we are surrounded by a wealth of knowledge and experience in our workforce.

Writing Guidelines | Common Errors

bigstock-The-word-Share-in-many-speech--30299768Tip of the Week #8 | Writing Guidelines – Common Errors | By TP Mechanical Contractors Academy

Whether it is a simple email, formal letter, or part of a marketing packet, every communication counts.  The easiest image booster is to use the spell check to correct spelling and grammar errors before sending out any email or document!  If you are unsure of the proper grammar usage, www.grammarbook.com is a good resource.

The following are some selections from the common errors section of the writing guidelines document.

Common Errors

1. Confusion of ensure, assure, and insure – our documentation most commonly requires the use of ensure

  • Assure means to promise or say with confidence
  • Ensure means to make sure something will or won’t happen
  • Insure means to issue an insurance policy

2. Proper Spelling of the word through rather than thru (informal spelling)

3. Improper use of apostrophe – apostrophe possession

  • Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession (i.e. one boy’s hat)
  • Place the apostrophe after the s to show plural possession (i.e. two boys’ hats)

4. Use two spaces after a period for a complete sentence in order to provide consistency

Suggestions or feedback on articles please email tpmcacademy@tpmechanical.com.  Employees as a reminder all tips can be found on the Employee page of the website.