How We Expect to Build on a Successful 2017

TP Mechanical has been a leader in providing contractor services for large-scale construction projects ranging from factories to schools to hospitals since 1953.

We’ve built on this successful tradition in 2016, and we expect an even more successful future because of our safety programs, innovative thinking and technology capabilities for plumbing, HVAC and fire protection service.

Safety First, Always First

TP Mechanical has performed, as of early August, more than 2 million man-hours of work without a lost-time accident – nearly one-third the industry average. We work closely with OSHA, participating in its safety training programs and Voluntary Protection Program to reduce accidents on the jobsite.

President and CEO Bill Riddle says safety drives the TP Mechanical culture, and due to all these efforts, our 2016 safety awards include:

  • ABC | Step Platinum Award
  • ABC Employer of the Year Safety Award
  • ABC Award of Excellence for The Christ Hospital Orthopedic & Spine Mechanical Commercial $2 to $10 million
  • ABC Award of Merit for the Summit Country Day Mechanical Commercial $2 to $10 million

Innovative Thinking

TP Mechanical’s innovation and forward-thinking problem-solving are major drivers for success. “I think we’re on the cutting edge with technology and processes,” Riddle says.

One of our biggest innovations is completing almost 30 percent of our project in the regulated environment of our fabrication shop before starting work on-site. More than 60 employees staff the shop for around-the-clock operations, incorporating advanced automation technology such as automated welding machines and tracking software to ensure workflow is managed smoothly.

A Bright Future

TP Mechanical will continue implementing technologies, such as BIM for rendering projects in a 3-D model. Riddle believes TP Mechanical will continue to find success with a focus on innovation and a dedication to safety, “I believe that over the next couple of years we should experience continuous growth in our industry.”

We look forward to sharing that success with you in 2017 and beyond; please Contact Us for your next project.

Protect Health, Provide Comfort & Save Lives

Why do we do what we do? We all know the pride that comes from being a part of an extensive project. At TP Mechanical, we’re honored to work on significant projects every day, playing a pivotal role in the construction of buildings with incredible purpose. We can point at that building when it’s done and say, “I helped make that happen.”

But for the team at TP Mechanical, it goes deeper than a sense of pride. It’s believing in and living the purpose, “Protect Health, Provide Comfort & Save Lives.” This purpose statement describes how we as mechanical contractors, service providers and fabricators are doing more than just making buildings.

We’re protecting the health of the people who will live in, work and visit inside these well-thought-out structures. We’re making places comfortable, and saving lives in the event of a potential disaster, such as a fire. We invite you to take a closer look at the three elements of our purpose statement.

  1. Protect Health. The World Health Organization notes that sustainable health is not possible without access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, which we sometimes can take for granted. Quality plumbing fabrication, installation and service can improve the health and wellness of the people utilizing these facilities.
  2. Provide Comfort. At the heart of it all, heating and cooling services are about providing a healthy and comfortable environment for all occupants in a building. Indoor air quality and climate control are improved through the efficient operation of these systems. Our purpose is to provide that ideal environment for everyone.
  3. Save Lives. Fire protection systems save lives and protect property. In commercial buildings, a fire can have a devastating and deadly effect, but with properly fabricated, installed and maintained systems fires can be contained and more easily controlled, decreasing a potential fatal and catastrophic event.

At TP Mechanical, our work is driven by our purpose. We seek to serve our customers through our Core Values and our Mission Statement: TP Mechanical strives to be the premier contractor that builds everlasting value by transforming our industry through a culture based on safety, honesty, quality, innovation and servant leadership.”

Today and everyday in the future, we will continue to recognize what we do has real implications on real people; therefore the Purpose that TP Mechanical stands for is just as important as the actual work we do.

TP Mechanical delivers end-to-end solutions to our customers, from pre-construction expertise through contracting and fabrication to service and maintenance for piping, plumbing, HVAC/R and fire protection. We do this as a relationship-focused organization that leverages six decades of experience providing innovative solutions with excellence that drive down costs, enhance safety, increase value and deliver speed to occupancy.
TP Mechanical delivers end-to-end solutions to our customers, from pre-construction expertise through contracting and fabrication to service and maintenance for piping, plumbing, HVAC/R and fire protection. We do this as a relationship-focused organization that leverages six decades of experience providing innovative solutions with excellence that drive down costs, enhance safety, increase value and deliver speed to occupancy.

The concept of “thinking outside of the box” is not new. But as we all know, it’s easier said than done.

We love our industry. It’s filled with challenges that push us to think differently, obstacles that test our conviction – and triumphs that affirm our efforts. Every building that rises into the skyline is a testament to the spirit of progress.

With that said, we’ve been thinking a lot about what it takes to overcome the challenges we consistently face in the world of construction: schedule conflicts, aggressive timelines, complications related to the job site and the jigsaw of coordinating with the many teams and trades involved in a project. Because we are always pursuing new ways to best serve our clients, we’re always working to identify the keys that can unlock the gridlock that can plague projects.

Experience is the best teacher in many cases, and our recent contribution to the Miami Valley  Hospital South Tower Addition challenged us to think outside of the box – or outside of the frame, in this case – to get the job done and learn a thing or two in the process.

The project presented an aggressive schedule, and the steel contractor had to top out the building before erecting the framework that would connect the tower addition to the main building. Due to an imminent controlled air milestone, the piping had to be installed ahead of the framework. But as you may know, at TP Mechanical we’re not going to let the lack of a steel frame, a tight timeline, or the added adventure of an uneven SOG box us in.

Collaboration, imagination and invention were the essential components of our attack strategy. Our in-house contracting and fabrication teams worked together to engineer an innovative stand-alone rack system that would allow us to place the pipes into final position and handle the connection to the steel at a later date. The fabrication shop pre-fabricated the racks in-house and constructed roof supports to hold the rooftop piping. The racks were transported to the site and rigged in the air using a 16-foot, 10-ton Gantry Crane System, while our crew welded the support posts from below. We tackled the uneven SOG by field-cutting the support posts at different lengths to keep the racks level.

The racks were in final position in just two weeks.

In the end, this experience reinforced something we already knew – teamwork is the key to meeting project challenges and delivering innovation.


Construction In-Sites

Aren’t we all looking for that new piece of information that will give us a competitive edge? That proven technique to answer the next construction challenge, that solution that will help us serve our customers better and ensure every project’s success.

Scott Teepe Sr.At TP Mechanical, we’ve been in the construction business long enough – more than six decades – to know there is no silver bullet. There is no replacement for years of experience, dedication, attention-to-detail and hard work. But we appreciate the knowledge and insights that each of our team members contribute to our projects and to the success of our customers.

In the past, TP Mechanical has had a blog written exclusively by me, the CEO and Chairman of the Board. One thing I’ve learned about success is that it often comes when you surround yourself with smart people and listen to them. That’s why I’ve assembled a leadership team of highly qualified experts to lead TP Mechanical in the constant pursuit of excellence and innovation in every division. With the launch of our new website this month, we’re looking forward to sharing their experience with you.

I invite you to join me in the mechanical musings of this blog. As part of our dedication to superior customer service, we’ll share with you what’s on our mind; we’ll discuss the issues, events, projects, news, expertise and knowledge that combine to keep us at the forefront of innovation and excellence. Our words and thoughts will provide challenges to you and your leadership team on moving forward in this ever-changing world.

Our experts will share the experiences, insights, tips and techniques pertaining to every aspect of our industry – including safety, fire protection, fabrication, improving efficiency, green building and more. You can put these thoughts to use immediately in your current building operations or on your next project.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of a project, in the midst of construction or looking for ways to manage your building maintenance, we’re here to help. We believe in the power of partnership; sharing our knowledge is just one more way we can deliver excellence and innovation to you.

Look for our next blog, which will discuss pertinent issues surrounding our number-one priority: safety. We’ve got a long list of accolades and awards to prove that we’ve become the experts in this arena, and we’re eager to share some of our strategies with you.

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