People Behind TP Mechanical Introduces Stanley Garber

Stanley started with TP Mechanical in November 2016 as the Project Manager of Government Projects in our Dayton region. Stanley brings 44 years of governmental and industrial experience to TP Mechanical.

Stanley’s primary goal when working with general contractors and owners is to save them money. Starting as a bookkeeper at a plumbing company in 1973, Stanley possesses a wealth of accounting experience he combines with industry knowledge to evaluate equipment, applications, system efficiencies, and installation time when putting together project quotes and compiling alternative ideas for saving clients’ money. This concept has been key to establishing long-term working relationships over the years.

“It is important to look at all angles to not compromise the integrity of our work or the systems being installed in a building,” says Stanley.

Stanley believes TP Mechanical’s fabrication capabilities really set us apart from other mechanical contractors, especially because our facility is ISO certified and our program offers in-depth CAD capabilities.

Stanley believes TP Mechanical can offer huge advantages to government and industrial projects by providing cost savings through pre-fabrication, value engineering and shorter install times.

Contact Stanley either by email or phone 937-985-9133.

What is a way that you experience teamwork in your department or on the job site?

Q&A Blog from Nick Davis | Project Manager

Q: What is a way that you experience teamwork in your department or on the job site?

A: At a recent monthly meeting, we took a full chain and separated the individual links. They were then handed out to every superintendent, project manager and estimator. This concept represents there is no “I” in ‘Team”. As cliché as that sounds, we don’t just talk about it at TP Mechanical, it is a part of our work culture. We realize every role is just as important as the next and it takes a “full chain” mentality with every link functioning at full strength, in order to experience success. Our team is very committed and excited about every opportunity we have to build trust with a client. It takes everyone on board though, executing project tasks on time and above expectations in order to strengthen those client relationships.

Teamwork And Integration Concept