Manage the Big Picture, Manage to Succeed

Manage the Big Picture, Manage to Succeed | By: Josh D. Tarter, Project Manager – Lexington, Kentucky

bigstock-Businessman-drawing-frame-with-47916518Whether we realize it or not, we are all managers. Perhaps we manage household finances, or we plan our time away from work. Whatever we manage, subconsciously we are hoping and planning for a successful outcome.

However, many times an issue will arise that may attempt to derail your management train. What we as managers – in our lives and at work – must do is remember to focus on the Big Picture. We should visualize the ultimate result of a successful job completed. On the job, we need to think about the customer enjoying the use of the facility we’re working on. For those things we manage outside of work, we need to envision the flourishing banking account or the stress free vacation.

We cannot succumb to the mundane and “flash pan” type issues that will deter or distract us from being successful. When these threaten to block our way, we can take a few moments to regroup and refocus on the Big Picture, allowing us to have a clearer understanding of our definition of success.

When you begin with the end in mind, reaching the destination becomes easier. Whatever it is YOU manage, don’t lose sight of what it will mean to be successful.

Manage YOUR Big Picture, Manage to Succeed!

A New Year Creates New Opportunities

This time of year always creates new goals and resolutions, like be more productive at work, exercise on a routine basis, start a new diet, clean out your closets, etc.

All of these goals are important and for many their goals and resolutions come true, which creates a great sense of accomplishment and pride for staying true to their commitment.  Then again for some of us these goals and resolutions fall by the wayside because we lose focus on what we want to accomplish or simply fall back into the same routine we go through day in and day out.

What if you change your thinking this New Year and reflect back on the past year on a bad experience, a relationship that didn’t go well, or a project that failed at work.

bigstock-Action-Changes-Things-Acronym-42985816Improving for the Future

Take a few moments to relive one of these painful events and jot down a few notes on what you would or could have done differently. Set a new goal or plan taking what you learned and make amends for your actions.

You might just be surprised at the many events this past year that were true learning experiences. I believe it’s these experiences that build our characters and allow us to make this a promising and prosperous new year for ourselves, families, friends and co-workers.

I hope your New Year is filled with excitement.

By Scott Teepe Sr.,  CEO,  TP Mechanical

Servant leadership what does this truly mean?

Vision word tagsIn this article “The Power of Servant Leadership” Tony Yeley, describes how a certain style of leadership has boosted many great working relationships over his career.  This article is a quick and great read on servant leadership, and gives some great pointers.  Read More via The Power of Servant Leadership | EHS OutLoud Blog.


What is your leadership style?

Do You Lead With Your Head, Your Heart or Your Hands?

Do you lead with your head, your heart or your hands? One business experts explains these three leadership styles and helps executives take steps to strengthen their leadership styles.

How can asking questions build your leadership skills?

bigstock-Plan-Do-Check-Act-diagram-with-42615682The article “Ask Great Questions: Leadership Skills of Socrates” from Forbes gives great pointers on the art of question asking.  The writer indicated that few to many employees, leaders, and managers ask great questions.  Read this article and tell us if you are one that asks great questions now, or will improve on your leadership skills by utilizing this information and start to ask great questions?

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Leadership Skills for the First Time Manager

Are you a first time manager or do you know someone who is?  Have there been struggles , has it been a walk in the park? 

This article from Forbes gives some great leadership skills for a first time manager.  Especially where he  speaks about mentoring as part of growth, we believe strongly in mentoring within our culture and the power it has to grow teamwork.

bigstock-Business-Team-16306713 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager – Forbes | By Bill Gentry

Your first management job is a big win – a sign that you’ve done something right in your career. It’s also the first time that your success is completely tied to the performance of other people.

Those other people are your former peers, maybe even your current friends, and everyone feels a little weird now that you’re the boss.

Some of those other people have more experience and longer tenure at the company. At least one of them probably wanted the promotion, too – and isn’t too happy to be working for you.

Most likely, a few of your direct reports are much older than you. And I guarantee your team won’t be made up of people who think exactly like you, work just like you and act completely like you.

Read more via 3 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager – Forbes.