Leadership Skills for the First Time Manager

Are you a first time manager or do you know someone who is?  Have there been struggles , has it been a walk in the park? 

This article from Forbes gives some great leadership skills for a first time manager.  Especially where he  speaks about mentoring as part of growth, we believe strongly in mentoring within our culture and the power it has to grow teamwork.

bigstock-Business-Team-16306713 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager – Forbes | By Bill Gentry

Your first management job is a big win – a sign that you’ve done something right in your career. It’s also the first time that your success is completely tied to the performance of other people.

Those other people are your former peers, maybe even your current friends, and everyone feels a little weird now that you’re the boss.

Some of those other people have more experience and longer tenure at the company. At least one of them probably wanted the promotion, too – and isn’t too happy to be working for you.

Most likely, a few of your direct reports are much older than you. And I guarantee your team won’t be made up of people who think exactly like you, work just like you and act completely like you.

Read more via 3 Tips For Surviving As A First-Time Manager – Forbes.

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