Manage the Big Picture, Manage to Succeed

Manage the Big Picture, Manage to Succeed | By: Josh D. Tarter, Project Manager – Lexington, Kentucky

bigstock-Businessman-drawing-frame-with-47916518Whether we realize it or not, we are all managers. Perhaps we manage household finances, or we plan our time away from work. Whatever we manage, subconsciously we are hoping and planning for a successful outcome.

However, many times an issue will arise that may attempt to derail your management train. What we as managers – in our lives and at work – must do is remember to focus on the Big Picture. We should visualize the ultimate result of a successful job completed. On the job, we need to think about the customer enjoying the use of the facility we’re working on. For those things we manage outside of work, we need to envision the flourishing banking account or the stress free vacation.

We cannot succumb to the mundane and “flash pan” type issues that will deter or distract us from being successful. When these threaten to block our way, we can take a few moments to regroup and refocus on the Big Picture, allowing us to have a clearer understanding of our definition of success.

When you begin with the end in mind, reaching the destination becomes easier. Whatever it is YOU manage, don’t lose sight of what it will mean to be successful.

Manage YOUR Big Picture, Manage to Succeed!