Get the Most Bang for Your Buck From Your HVAC System

It’s easy to take heat and air conditioning for granted. You set the temperature that’s appropriate for your business and then go about the rest of your day.

But there’s one number that might make you stop and reconsider your HVAC system, 40%. That’s the percentage of electricity your HVAC system uses. By implementing energy-efficiency measures you can improve your heating and cooling performance while enjoying substantial cost savings.

How to Make Your Building More Energy Efficient

There are a few first steps you can take to reduce your heating and cooling load such as:

  1. Add more insulation to reduce leaks.
  2. Inspect your windows: If they’re not energy efficient like ENERGY STAR-qualified windows, consider replacing them.
  3. Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting systems that emit less heat into air-conditioned spaces.

After reducing your building’s heating and cooling load, you then can make the most from your HVAC equipment investment. With today’s advanced technology, air conditioners use 30-50% less energy while producing the same degree of cooling compared to air conditioners made in the 1970s. Even if your cooling unit is 10 years old, you may still save 20% on cooling costs.

What TP Mechanical Can Do for You

TP Mechanical has the solution for your HVAC needs, using our experienced team of engineers and designers who use the latest BIM and CAD technologies. Our heating capabilities include water and steam boilers, industrial burners, air rotation heating systems, exhaust/makeup air systems, radiant and unit heaters, and rooftop package units. We also design, produce and install air conditioning systems with all types of chillers, cooling towers, commissioning and VAV/VVT/VRV.

See how the TP Mechanical team installed a new HVAC system in a Cincinnati-area private school with an extremely tight timetable. Then contact us for more information on how we can help you get the most efficient use from your HVAC system.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

It is always a surprise when I meet new people and ask about their HVAC equipment. Do they do anything to maintain their HVAC equipment? In my 12 years in HVAC, I’ve heard “no” as their answer most often. Then, I ask if they change the oil in their car. Their answer is then always, YES!

20121102_140148Preventative Maintenance (PM) for your HVAC systems is the equivalent of changing the oil on your car or rotating the tires. It is the best, easiest and cheapest way to keep an HVAC system in good working order and to prevent unwanted down time in the most extreme weather conditions. PM contracts also save money on untimely service needs by offering you preferred labor and parts rates, as well as to put you on a preferred customer list for faster response time in the case of emergency service.

One of the “unseen” benefits to a PM plan is the energy savings you receive. Any type of equipment will run much more efficiently when it’s clean and properly maintained. This results in lower energy consumption. Don’t forget that if something doesn’t work as hard, it will also last longer!

Take a moment to consider your maintenance plans. At TP Mechanical, we can help you with regular PM schedule. Call us at 1-800-829-1989.

Think of Preventative Maintenance as an investment to help you be more energy efficient, increase the life of your equipment and ultimate save costs in the long-run.

By Tim Sargent, Service Business Development Leader