The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

It is always a surprise when I meet new people and ask about their HVAC equipment. Do they do anything to maintain their HVAC equipment? In my 12 years in HVAC, I’ve heard “no” as their answer most often. Then, I ask if they change the oil in their car. Their answer is then always, YES!

20121102_140148Preventative Maintenance (PM) for your HVAC systems is the equivalent of changing the oil on your car or rotating the tires. It is the best, easiest and cheapest way to keep an HVAC system in good working order and to prevent unwanted down time in the most extreme weather conditions. PM contracts also save money on untimely service needs by offering you preferred labor and parts rates, as well as to put you on a preferred customer list for faster response time in the case of emergency service.

One of the “unseen” benefits to a PM plan is the energy savings you receive. Any type of equipment will run much more efficiently when it’s clean and properly maintained. This results in lower energy consumption. Don’t forget that if something doesn’t work as hard, it will also last longer!

Take a moment to consider your maintenance plans. At TP Mechanical, we can help you with regular PM schedule. Call us at 1-800-829-1989.

Think of Preventative Maintenance as an investment to help you be more energy efficient, increase the life of your equipment and ultimate save costs in the long-run.

By Tim Sargent, Service Business Development Leader

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    I was one of those people until the day my drain line broke and I had to spend $4000 in a new AC unit and $1500 fixing damages to my drywall. Now I know better, unfortunately we humans tend to wait and regret instead of prevent. There is a new preventive solution in the market and it’s called “the Green Vacuum” check out our website or email me for more info.

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