National Park Week

Presented by TP Mechanical | Provided by HORAN

Group of young college students sitting on grass in the park

Are you bored with getting your exercise by strolling around the neighborhood or running at the local gym? The U.S. National Park Services has preserved vast pieces of American land that are the perfect places to get outside and be active, whether it’s the majestic Yellowstone National Park in the West or the lesser-known Big Bend National Park in Texas with its hundreds of bird species.

The opening weekend of National Park Week is April 19-20, and both days are get-in-free days. Visit to find a park near you or to plan a trip. With great scenery and many options, you can choose a park where you can enjoy a quiet stroll, a vigorous hike, a bike ride, or a horse ride. You can also find spots to go rock climbing and swimming.

With more than 400 spots around the nation, the national parks are some of the best pieces of American nature and history. What better way to get your family outside and moving in the spring air than by visiting a national park?

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