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Start With a Better Breakfast

Start With a Better Breakfast - Everyday Nutrition: Finding the Flavor - Everyday Health

Don’t let lack of time or other hurdles keep you from having a balanced breakfast. Research shows many benefits of eating breakfast every morning.

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Lose Weight With These 5 Surprising Foods

Peanut Butter on Bread with PeanutsIs peanut butter really a diet food? Even some high-calorie eats can help you shed pounds, some by making you feel full, others by actually blocking the formation of fat cells.

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Celebrate Chocolate Chip Day

bigstock-Chocolate-Chips-on-White-Backg-26006918National Chocolate Chip Day is celebrated today May 15th.  Did you know in the 1930’s was when the first chocolate chip was created?

According to history Ruth Wakefield was in the middle of baking Butter Drop Do cookies, the recipe called for baker’s chocolate.  Unfortunately, Ruth had discovered her pantry was out of the baker’s chocolate.  She grabbed a semi-sweet chocolate bar chopped it up and added it to the recipe.  To her surprise the chocolate did not melt and the cookies where a success. 


Can a Diabetes Diet Include Fruit?

Although fruit contains sugar, it’s also loaded with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Learn how fruit can be part of a healthy type 2 diabetes diet.

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Top 20 beers with biggest sales growth – Dayton Business Journal

Beer sales are booming, and the Dayton region is taking part in that with a slew of new local breweries opening and being home to the largest brewery in Ohio.

So while we have reported before on the Top 20 best-selling beers, we thought it was important to take a look at which beers are experiencing the biggest growth in sales for the past year.

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