Smart Service: Planning for the lifecyle of your mechanical equipment

B1000303 OSU NRDT-Tep FULL RES DSC_6731Mechanical equipment is not designed to run forever. It’s important to plan ahead for future replacements. Each piece of equipment has a unique life cycle, and at TP Mechanical, we work with you to develop a timeline for replacement.

The timeline allows your business to plan and, most importantly, save for the replace of the equipment based on its current performance and its typical life cycle. Capital expenses are more palatable when they’re anticipated and planned for. No organization wants to take on surprise costs that may alter your company’s ability to meet business goals and objectives.

B1000303 OSU NRDT-Tep FULL RES DSC_6753So how do we calculate the life cycle of a piece of mechanical equipment:

  1. Review the equipment manufacturer information, warranty, manual and other documentation. Typically, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) will provide some guidance on the expected life of a piece of equipment – with proper maintenance.
  2. Look at industry research and averages. In many cases, you can learn the typical hours of operation and compare it to your facility’s usage to determine how many years you can expect from the equipment.
    • Boiler – 15 to 25 years, depending on the type
    • Heat Exchanger (commercial shell & tube type) – 20 to 25 years
    • Heat Exchangers (package roof top units) – 8 to 15 years
    • Chiller – 15 to 23 years
  3. Analyze the maintenance history of the equipment. Has it been a problem since the equipment came online? Or has it always run smoothly? Has your team conducted regular maintenance and checks on the equipment? The service history can be an excellent indication of the equipment’s future performance.
  4. Complete a thorough inspection. How much longer your equipment will last depends a lot on the shape it is in today. At TP Mechanical, we recommend checking your equipment at regular points throughout its life cycle. This will alert you and your team to potential problems. It can also spot small issues before they become a crisis.

After a review of all of the available information and an inspection, TP Mechanical can provide you with a recommendation as to when you can expect to replace your mechanical equipment. Armed with the facts, we can develop a maintenance plan and a replacement plan to meet your needs and your budget while maximizing your equipment’s lifecycle.

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