Tight timeline? Bring it on.

We like challenging projects, and aggressive timelines, unusual circumstances and intricate details are our specialty.

That’s why we were psyched to tackle the ARM/Berry Plastics project. TP Mechanical welcomed the opportunity to fabricate and install a new primary/secondary chilled water piping system – while the old system continued to run and the facility remained occupied. We had four months from the time the contract was awarded until the project milestone to have the chillers up and running, and there were no blueprints to work from.

For us, that’s just another day on the job. Our first step was to use the building’s original 2D blueprints to create an AutoCAD layout.  Meanwhile, we started our guys on the exterior piping of the building that didn’t require any modeling in order to maximize time. Working concurrently alongside our crews, we used the AutoCAD layout to create a 3D model of the new system so that our client would have a crystal clear view of what the system was going to look like in place.

The new system was going into an area that had, up until that point, been used for storage and the client wanted to ensure that enough space would remain for safety guardrails and fork truck traffic. In addition to the 3D modeling, we laid out chalk drawings of the footprints of the chillers and pump pads to help them envision the space and get an accurate idea of the end product.

As another time-saving strategy, we prefabricated the pipe assemblies so that when the piping arrived on site, no field welding was required; all they had to do to install was rig it up, set it in place and bolt it together. We completed the tie-in in two days and once the new system was in place, we dismantled and eliminated the old equipment. We completed an entire new chilled water piping system with no disruption in the facility’s production or putting the occupants in harm’s way.

Throughout this process, we met with the client at least once weekly to keep the lines of communication flowing and discuss updated safety precautions, preplanning strategies for every step of the process and feedback on design as the project evolved.

Communication, teamwork, and creative problem solving. That’s how we roll – with the punches, that is.

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