Every Employee a Brand Steward

Every Employee a Brand Steward | By: Nicole Applegate

Applegate NicoleEvery job at TP Mechanical is important. I am the receptionist and office assistant for TP Mechanical’s Columbus office. While I understand that I am not the most important cog in the TP wheel, I am, undoubtedly, a vital player to the team.

It is my responsibility to make each person who walks through that door or calls on the phone feel welcome and appreciated. I always smile, acknowledge people, and do anything I can to help the individual accomplish his or her goal. I am cordial and conversational with those who need to wait in the lobby for their contact to meet them. I also never, ever speak negatively about an employee with outsiders, regardless of what they might say. I always try to display my fellow coworkers in a positive light.

It’s also my responsibility to ensure that the front lobby area be as neat and orderly as possible. We have a cleaning crew, but I occasionally follow up after them to deep clean the front areas and guarantee there is nothing to cause someone to have a negative impression of our company’s appearance. Some of these things include dusting the ceiling, corners, lamp, plants and under the trophy case. Straightening the chairs, scrubbing scuffs off the walls and cleaning fingerprints from around light switches, the alarm, and door knobs.

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. I keep a stocked candy machine to provide sweets to help brighten people’s day. It is truly amazing how just a little treat can bring a smile to someone’s face when they are feeling stressed.

bigstock-Vector-puzzle-teamwork-illustr-32180459We also shouldn’t downplay the importance of maintaining accurate paperwork. Part of my job is to assist around the office and alleviate a fellow coworker’s load whenever I can. Maintaining and ordering supplies is also an important part of my job. I believe this attributes to an improved productivity – making sure people have what they need when they need it.

All of this adds up. I, like all employees at TP Mechanical, am an important participant in delivering excellence to our customers. I serve TP Mechanical’s customers, vendors and my fellow coworkers. That recognition helps me stay focused on how important all of these tasks are. I work to ensure that every impression I give of TP Mechanical is a positive one. So whether someone works with us for 20 years or calls into the office only once, I can be confident we’ve done our best to serve them.

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