The Tools in Outlook can Provide Assistance in Managing Workflow

OutlookWorkFlowManagementTim Teepe, Project Manager of the Cincinnati office, would like to share how using the tools in Outlook can provide assistance in managing workflow.

I use Microsoft Outlook as a tool to help me manage my workflow. There are many features on Outlook that can help keep you organized. One feature in particular is the categories option. The categories feature can be found on the toolbar. The symbol is a square that has the colors red, yellow, green, and blue in it. Once this feature is opened, it allows you to re-name given categories and a chance to setup your own.

When an email arrives, make sure you assign a category to it by clicking on the box to the right of the email. Coding every email can definitely become a difficult task if not done as they come in. I find that keeping categories based on projects is the easiest way for me to manage workflow. This way, I can focus on one project at a time.

Below is a screen shot of my email setup into separate categories. I have used this system for the last four years and find that it makes using email much easier. Without using this tool, I would have a hard time staying organized and keeping up with the emails I get on a daily basis.

Workflow management can become a daunting task at times. Being organized is, especially within your email can be the easiest way to lighten the load.

These old eyes

By Jerry Welte | Estimator

As we age, our eyes get strained looking at small print. Eye strain also happens to those who work on a computer all day long. One way we can overcome this is by increasing the size of the letters in our Outlook emails and in other documents. When you are in the reading pane of your email, just hold down the “Ctrl” key and rotate the wheel on your mouse forward to increase the size of the letters. This works for other documents like Word and Excel as well.

To increase the size of your Outlook inbox and other folders, follow these steps:

To begin, open your Outlook inbox and right mouse click in the white screen or subject bar.






Next, left mouse click on “Customize Current View…”








Left mouse click on “Other Settings…”









Then, left mouse click on “Row Font…”










Left mouse click on the desired font size and press “ok” to each screen until you return to your Outlook screen. Your font should now be larger, except for un-read messages. To change the font size of un-read messages, right mouse click in the white screen or subject bar again.








Next, left mouse click on “Customize Current View…”








Left mouse click “Automatic Formatting…”










Make sure “Unread Messages” is highlighted and left mouse click the font button.








Finally, left mouse click on the desired font size and press “ok” to each screen until you return to your Outlook screen.

These steps can be repeated to change back to original sizes or make the text even larger.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to reduce eye strain and make working on a computer a more pleasant experience.