Google Partners with Mayo Clinic

Presented by TP Mechanical | Provided by HORAN

If you’re like many people, the Internet is often the first resource you turn to when you’re faced with a new ailment or illness. Unfortunately, not everything you read on the Internet is reliable.

Google is trying to change that. In early 2015, Google rolled out a new search-result format for the 400 most frequently searched health topics. The new layout shows reliable, vetted medical information in an illustrated box on the right side of the search-result screen, next to the usual search-result list. The box also shows up on mobile devices.

To provide this professionally approved medical information, Google teamed up with Mayo Clinic and other doctors to vet available content and ensure that information is accurate. Remember, though, if you do have a serious or undiagnosed health problem, a Google search is not a replacement for proper medical care.

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