LEED v4: A Mechanical Contractor and Service Provider’s View

It’s been 20 months since the members of the U.S. Green Building Council overwhelmingly passed the standards for LEED v4 (July 2013), and the deadline for the official transition to the new guidelines is approaching (June 1, 2015).

Construction Managers and Contractors alike have had a chance to get their feet wet with the new standards. The most exciting changes have been those that bring more construction projects from different market segments into the fold.

At TP Mechanical, we are seeing projects seeking LEED in some of the newer market sectors outlined in LEED v4, especially:

  • Existing schools
  • Warehouses and distribution centers
  • Hospitality

Each of these new markets can earn credits for energy efficiency, air quality and reduced water usage – that’s where the mechanical contractor comes in. Our team of experts has been assisting projects in selecting the best equipment, systems and materials to achieve LEED v4 goals. We look forward to continue to do that for our customers.

Credit for maintenance

The new LEED for Building Operations and Maintenance (O+M) rating system also added exciting new credits that are important for facilities managers to take notice of. The combination of various v2009 credits were into condensed, clearer versions.

The goal of these ratings is to emphasize building performance management to ensure the long-term success of a LEED-certified project. It only makes sense to give buildings credit not just for their construction, but also the operation of the space. The goal is for owners’ investments in green technologies to help them achieve the maximum ROI and environmental benefits.

TP Mechanical’s Service group is privileged to be able to partner with green buildings to maintain their equipment and facilities – keeping them in tip-top condition to continue reaching their green goals.

Contact TP Mechanical today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your LEED v4 goals.

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