TP mechanical doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to training.

We go above and beyond in our commitment to developing our workers’ overall skill and expertise. We provide opportunities for our workers to go past expectations and become advanced experts in their fields.

DSC_4427 ApprenticeWe have spent the past year developing a new initiative called “Building TP Talent.” The purpose of this initiative is the continued growth and development of our employees. We are dedicated to spending more time guiding employees, focusing on leadership behaviors and building technical skill talent. Our TP Mechanical team members are enrolled in a diverse group of classes – titles that range from Building and Enhancing Customer Relationships to a class that focuses on Site Safety Awareness and Identifying Workplace Hazards.

We encourage our team to pursue certifications, cross training and advancements that make them better at what they do. This year, we even launched an internal mobile app to make it easier for employees to sign up for classes and gain knowledge.

This continual growth for our employees is a commitment to them and to you. We know that a better trained workforce means higher quality, greater efficiency and better customer service. At TP Mechanical, our superior training programs allow us to be dedicated to delivering excellence and innovation.

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