Is Saving Money on Your List of Resolutions for 2013?

In these first few weeks of 2013, is money on your mind?

Taxes, the fiscal cliff, the state of our economy – across the board, businesses and corporations large and small are working to tighten budgets, cut extraneous costs and maximize efficiency to keep that bottom line where it should be.

So it seems that a discussion of how TP Mechanical can help our customers save money and make the most of every dollar would be the perfect topic to kick off the New Year.

Mechanical systems claim a large portion of operating expenses. It has been estimated that HVAC alone comprises approximately 40-60% of a facility’s energy costs. Just one minor loss in a system’s efficiency can translate into major increases in energy expenditures over time. When a system malfunctions or fails, disruption, repair and equipment replacement can become costly.

Properly tuned equipment runs efficiently and is a key component to keeping operating costs down. We understand that when it comes to routine maintenance, service and repair, keeping your systems running smoothly can be time consuming and expensive.

The TP Mechanical Total Systems Agreement is one example of our commitment to serving customers with excellent service and one solution to helping our clients cut costs. We’ll partner with you to create a customized plan unique to your facility and specific equipment needs. With this type of plan, we bundle relevant regularly scheduled preventative maintenance together with repair and scheduled replacement services into one convenient package that will:

  • keep your system running at peak efficiency
  • uncover symptoms of potential malfunctions before they occur
  • reduce repair and replacement costs today and over time
  • extend the life of your equipment
  • increase your energy savings
  • minimize time spent managing your mechanical systems so you can focus your attention elsewhere

It’s the perfect time to consider building a Total Agreement Plan into your annual budget. When you build essential system maintenance costs right into your annual expense forecasting, you can proactively address problems before they arise, better predict and manage costly repairs and replacements, and ultimately gain a sense of control over your mechanical systems budget. Consider incorporating our energy audit and inspection services into your customized plan to optimize your system’s productivity.

In addition to the reduced costs associated with our bundled services, our Total Plan Agreement clients receive agreement benefits, such as a guaranteed emergency response time of four hours, a $10/hour labor discount and 15% off parts and materials.

Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to operating a business, and when you trust your mechanical systems to TP Mechanical, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got you covered. We do our best to partner with our clients and support them any way we can – and that includes helping them stick to their New Year’s Resolutions.

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