Battling January Gym Crowds

Presented by TP Mechanical | Provided by HORAN

For those who make it a New Year’s goal to exercise more, working out in January can quickly test their resolve as throngs of people pack the gym with the same goal in mind.

But since half the country lives where it’s too cold to exercise outdoors during winter, how else can wannabe fitness fanatics get their workouts in? Here’s how:

Personal trainer helping woman at gymBe flexible. Whether you like to use the gym at a specific time or go about your workout a certain way, you need to be open to altering your routine. If manageable, try going before work, during your lunch break or later at night. When at the gym, make use of the available machines and free weights while watching occupied equipment to see when it becomes available.

“Work in” exercise between someone else’s sets. While not the most appealing option for many, allowing another member to use a machine while someone is resting between sets is considered good gym etiquette. All you need to do is ask.

Think outside the gym. Avoid the hassles altogether by finding another place to exercise. Rock climbing centers, dance and yoga studios and even bowling alleys can provide you with some level of exercise while you wait for the gym crowds to subside. Even the most frigid locales have some winter days that are nice enough to allow for a jog outside, provided you dress appropriately. And that snow isn’t going to shovel itself!

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