Construction Workers Vulnerable to Biological Hazards

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Given the nature of their work, construction workers who work outdoors are routinely exposed to physical and biological hazards. Therefore, it is important that these workers have taken the necessary training classes to ensure that they remain safe in the face of these hazards.

Biological Hazards Facing Construction Workers

Perhaps the most common type of hazard that workers are vulnerable to is vector-borneĀ diseases. In short, this is an illness that is caused when an infected host transmits a disease to a person through the blood. Routinely caused by blood sucking arthropods like mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, a vector-borne disease can also be transferred from birds, rodents, and larger animals. Additionally, construction workers are also vulnerable to venomous animals and insects. Depending on where the worker is employed, they may be more likely to be bitten by a venomous snake or a spider. Venomous threats include wasps, bees, hornets, hobo spidersā€¦

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