Save The Earth and Save Some Moolah!

Our prefabrication capabilities help us reduce the environmental impact of our projects. We thought we’d add that prefabrication can also reduce the impact on your bottom line.

Prefabrication streamlines your construction process. From materials to time spent on the job site – you spend less. Here’s how:

  • We plan our use of materials down to the ounce to ensure economical use of resources and reduce waste. This also ensures pricing accuracy and helps you stay within budget.
  • We build as many pieces as possible in-house in a controlled environment, so that inclement weather won’t destroy your materials and you don’t have delays at the job site.
  • Everything is built at bench level, ensuring accuracy and quality of every piece, costing you less in change orders later.

Everything is pre-assembled and arrives at your job site ready to be installed. This reduces the number of workers you have to have on the job, improves site safety and accelerates your timeline. You save money in reduction of personnel and all related costs, including insurance, site facilities and man hours.

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