Two Million Man Hours Without an Injury: How’d TP Do That?

You know our mantra: “Safety first, always first.” As your trusted partner in this ever-changing industry, we’re proud to share information about our safety program and give you ideas how to make your team safer.

So, what’s our secret to achieving such an important milestone? Yes, we’ve invested heavily in intensive training programs. Yes, we’ve dedicated countless hours to developing a system that works. But what it really comes down to is commitment.

At TP Mechanical, from CEOs to project managers, from site supervisors to office staff, every TP Mechanical team member devotes time, energy and heart to our company’s promise to send everyone home to their families every single night. We do this by going above and beyond the standard requirements to create not just a safety program, but a safety culture.

Our first strategy is to provide a solid foundation of OSHA outreach training for every staff member. This is not an OSHA requirement, but we believe that if we provide employees with a common framework of knowledge and training, they have more reason to buy into the program. Our office staff receives a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA outreach training, and the majority of our workforce completes the 30 hour benchmark. Because we all know that our site supervisors are the key to the implementation of our program, they receive an additional 2 hours of OSHA outreach training every month, adding up to 24 hours of additional training a year.

Secondly, consistent safety audits put our best intentions into action. Regional safety specialists visit every single job site once a week to focus on hazard identification and elimination. At the start of every work day, site supervisors carry out a Job Safety Analysis with every team we have in the field. As they assign work tasks, supervisors remind teams of safety protocols, precautions and emergency procedures. By proactively eliminating hazards, we eliminate injuries.

Finally, we prepare our staff to act in a medical emergency by providing CPR and first aid training, which is available to TP Mechanical employees as well as their family members and loved ones. As you can see, we take safety very seriously. On any given day, you may see a group of our supervisors participating in a little off-site training to refresh their OSHA knowledge, or our service staff sitting in a defensive driving class so we can rest easy that our drivers extend our safety practices to the roads.

TP Mechanical is always working to apply best practices to bring our customers safety they can count on. Our singular commitment to safety translates to peace of mind for our partners in the industry, eliminating the need to worry about the negative impact of working with an unsafe contractor. By putting iron-clad safety procedures in place and expecting no less than 100% compliance from our work force, we provide our customers with a well-organized, safe job site that will function with minimal interruption. Getting the work done swiftly without incident gets doors open faster, plus our EMR rate of .55 means clients enjoy substantial financial savings when it comes to insurance-related costs.

We can throw time, money, training and standards into a safety program, but without a true commitment from every person at TP Mechanical, it all means nothing. We realize that a company is only as strong as the heart of its work force, and we have them to thank for our extensive list of safety awards and accolades. As we often say, “Safety isn’t just a standard we have to uphold. It’s a way of life.”

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