Victaulic Pipe Diameter Tape 101

The Victaulic PT-100A Go/No-Go pipe diameter tape is a tool used for measuring the outside diameter, groove diameter and maximum flare diameter of Victaulic pipe.  This tool is crucial to ensure that pipe diameters are within an acceptable tolerance.  Installation and pressurization of grooved pipe that does not conform to Victaulic specifications could cause joint failure, resulting in serious personal injury and/or property damage.

This tape must be used ONLY to check cut-grooved or roll-grooved pipe to Victaulic original groove specifications (3/4 – 12 inch pipe), Machining for Rubber Lining (MRL) specifications, and Advanced Groove System (AGS) specifications (14 – 24 inch pipe).

DO NOT use this tape to check EndSeal “ES” grooves, copper tubing, AWWA cast or ductile iron pipe, or 14 – 24 inch pipe grooved to original groove specifications.  The opposite side of the tape, marked in .01 inch/.3mm increments can be used to check Victaulic original groove specifications in 14 – 24 inch pipe sizes.

To check the outside, groove or flare diameter (roll-grooved pipe only) of Victaulic pipe, remove all loose dirt, scale, and paint from the pipe, groove and/or gasket sealing surface.  Wrap the tape around the pipe and overlap the two ends, make sure the tape is not twisted and is properly seated around the pipe or groove.  Firmly pull on each end of the overlapped tape. Vitalic photo 2



Determine if the origin arrow is within the appropriate band for the applicable pipe size.  As shown in the diagram below, each pipe size has a separate band for the groove diameter, outside diameter and maximum flare.

Vitalic photo 1

3 thoughts on “Victaulic Pipe Diameter Tape 101

  1. What are graduation lines for on tape, can you go past black area to lines?

    1. Our understanding is that the graduation lines are to help you determine how much to adjust your die in order to get within acceptable tolerance. If you are not within in the black area you are not within acceptable tolerance.

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